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Funk, meet web 3. A collection of 8,888 unique digital hippies that are building the new free world before our eyes.

When you picture a hippie, you likely envision a character that is stuck out of time. You picture woodstock, psychedelics, and flowers. In reality, hippies have been evolving over the years, and technology has been enabling a completely new era of hippie to take form... the digital hippie (Dippie).

Dippies are modern day adaptations of hippies, with the same values. Ones that are more in touch with society, but who are still quietly carving their own path. Rather than refusing to take part in the system, Dippies are building businesses to layer themselves out of the system. Rather than existing in small communities off the grid, Dippies are building global communities across the world. Rather than refusing the way things are, Dippies are changing the way things are... and many of them are using crypto to do it. Sticking it to the man has become building a new world rooted in decentralization.

Our goal when creating the Dippies collection was to commemorate the initial ideas of hippies that we all have, while adding a modern flare. We wanted to create characters that oozed originality and funk, while inspiring you, the community to stand up and create a world you believe in.

When you rock a Dippie, you’re rocking rebellion, counter-culture, and freedom. You’re getting access to a connected community that is working together and throwing events for the new world. You’re rocking a character that represents the true free world being built before our eyes.

Alien Dippie
Ape Dippie
Bear Dippie
Cat Dippie
Eye Guy Dippie
Flower Suit Dippie
Frog Suit Dippie
Hairy Dippie
Leaf Dippie
Owl Dippie
Robbot Dippie
Ski-Bum Dippie
Space Face
Tie-Dye Mascot
Tree Dippie
Zombie Dippie
Road Tripping Dippie
Corporate Dippie
Artistic Dippie
Activist Dippie
Musician Dippie
Yoga Dippie
Stoner Dippie
Old-School Dippie
Psychedelic Dippie
Rock-Star Dippie

The Fire Pit

Here is where we come together and help shape the future of Dippies. This is a spot where the dippie-collective gather to make a difference in the web3 space and vote on proposals as a community.

Come and get to know the family today; showcase your skills and find like minded people.


Tarot Reading
Coming soon

Take a Seat at the Fire Pit and have your Tarot Read ..
You never know what you might find out.


Owning a Dippie grants you access to vote on how the funds are used. This would also ensure the long-term stability of the project. With the funds we can choose to donate to various hippie related causes, empower our artist community, create a virtual Woodstock in the metaverse and bring value back to holders.


Tarot Reading
Coming soon

Take a Seat at the Fire Pit and have your Tarot Read ..
You never know what you might find out.


Who wouldn’t want to flex their Dippie drip IRL? The community will create and vote on the merchandise they want to rock. All Dippie holders would be able to claim and receive discounts from all items on our store.


Tarot Reading
Coming soon

Take a Seat at the Fire Pit and have your Tarot Read ..
You never know what you might find out.


Roadmap 2.0


Dippies first entrance into the metaverse through WorldWide Webb. You can fully control your personal Dippie and use the avatar to complete missions & tasks through the game. Dippies can interact with other projects and will be able to create games, events and host parties.

Worldwide Webb will be the Roblox of Web3.

for more info:

Van Companion 🔑

On June 10, each Dippie can claim their own Van which are the keys to the Dippieverse. Vans will expand the community and bring in other collections to integrate into our eco-system. Additionally, Vans give you access to the 'DippieRaces' P2E game.

Make sure to hold on to your keys. There is more utility than meets the eye. Further details will be announced closer to launch date. 👀

DippieRaces P2E

What good is a drop if you cant use it? Welcome to the DippieRaces. Why leave it up to chance if you have the skills to earn a spot in the leaderboard. These races are your keys to compete with other holders for allowlist spots, DippieDrip, concert tickets, NFT's and much more. V1 is ready to launch with drop and we are working on exciting updates to come for V2.

Holding a Dippie + a Van has its own perks.
Racing>Grinding amiright?


Vans need a place to park and get a ...tune up.

The garage will give each holder the chance to add their Dippie into the Van. You'll be able to switch Dippies to the Van of your preference (the ones you own) and refresh metadata to appear on OpenSea. In the future, you'll be able to customize traits depending on your Vans rarity.

Visitors are welcome.

IRL Events / Partnerships

The Dippie community has managed to be part of events in the NFT space such as SXSW and NFT.LA. Where ever we see value to show our presence you can count us in - all holders are welcome.

wen dipstock?

Release of Roadmap 3.0

queue music...

Meet the Team

At the beginning of every technological revolution. There are the troublemakers, the misfits, the ones who look up from their play and realize that they are changing the world. Dippies has been created by these same troublemakers.


Founding Dippie

Sal prides himself as being a content creator who loves challenging himself to pursue new projects. He has worked diligently on TikTok and Instagram to create content to reach the masses. He is currently dubbed as a known creator in the space, and thrives on creating viral videos. His enthusiasm for the future of web3 brought him to the NFT community. However, what he saw when he arrived in the NFT space was projects that he couldn’t resonate with. He decided to combine his love for web3 with his appreciation of hippie culture (who are also advocates of de-centralization) to create Dippies.


Founder & Artist

Taylor Might is an artist alias for Johnathan Taylor, an Illustrator and Designer based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Witnessing how NFTs put creative control back in the hands of the artist was something that spoke to him. After seeing the power of an NFT community built right, it was a no brainer to begin building the dippieverse.

Dopey | Community

Aero | Moderator

Nirvana | Collabs